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Learning Support Policy and Procedures

Learning Support at DGA ensures that students with learning difficulties achieve sufficient proficiency in literacy and numeracy before leaving primary school.  The Learning Support students are assisted with strategies to facilitate their learning in order for them to achieve their potential. The students are assisted on areas of specific learning difficulties in skill areas of literacy and numeracy.

The Learning Support Students that have an Assessment Report from an external agency will have an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) with specific targets that are tracked and modified. Psychological Assessment Reports need to be repeated and updated every two years. Where a student is attending individual therapy such as Speech and Language Therapy (SLT), or Occupational Therapy (OT) termly progress reports must be submitted to the Learning Support Coordinator. In addition, updated reports can be requested annually. All students with special learning needs or in need of remediation will require a formal external assessment before they become part of the SEN (Special Educational Need) student list.

Learning Support in action

All teachers are teachers of children with SEN. They are responsible and accountable for the learning and progress of all the children in their class, including those with SEN. The SENCO is available to assist and guide teachers and parents in planning and coordinating the best support possible for these students.

Students with difficulties accessing the mainstream curriculum, receive inclusive support from Learning Support Assistants. This kind of support works alongside the classroom teacher but allows for extra instructional support and explanation that classroom teachers cannot always provide 1:1.

The Learning Support department also supports students who find specific areas challenging, but may not have Special Educational Needs. In these cases, Learning Support Teachers plan, deliver and assess effective booster interventions, which are evidence based and work to close gaps in peer attainment. These programs also support children with SEN who require such intervention. Learning Support Teachers assess the impact of these and report on progress to parents, teachers, the SENCO and the Head of Primary.

How do teachers support SEN students?

The subject specific teacher will differentiate instruction and make accommodations based on the student’s IEP.

SEN students will have a report and IEP (Individual Education Plan) with clear strategies and accommodations.

All teachers review current strategies that are working with the student and note any focus that may need adjustment via live, regularly updated SEN Tracking Forms.

Teachers are supported through Professional Development seminars that are need-based and held regularly. 

Regular SEN Audits are carried out to ensure accommodations/strategies are being made by the classroom teacher.

Review meeting/updates with parent

There are regular, planned meetings with parents to update them on accommodations being made for their child.

During each Semester, Parent Updates are sent via email, informing them of accommodations and inviting them in to meet and discuss classroom strategies, and Annual reviews are held in which IEP modifications are made based on the needs of the SEN student (with reference to SEN tracking forms). These then inform the support needs for the following academic year.

Does my child need Learning Support?

DGA works with a wide range of external agencies and professionals, many of whom can offer services in-school. The Learning Support department are happy to share any of this information on the wealth of services and options available to you locally in Dubai and assist parents wherever possible.

If you are at all concerned about your child’s needs, development or academic progress, please contact your child's Homeroom teacher in the first instance.