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Parents Association of Dubai Gulf Academy - Al Barsha


Who are we?

PADGAis the Parent Association of DGA-Al Barsha.

It is a group of volunteer DGA parents who come together, in order to manage events and services for the school community.The group comprises committees which meet on alternate Mondays after drop off, and any DGA parent is welcome to join PADGAand volunteer their time.

What do we do?

PADGAworks to support our students and parents by helping to build and enhance community spirit in the school through the organisation of special events. PADGAfundraisers also help provide graduation gifts for students at various milestones in their education.

What specific areas are PADGAresponsible for?

PADGAis not involved with any academic or administrative matters of the school. For any queries concerning these issues, please contact the Principal or e-mail: feedback@diabarsha.com

Each PADGAcommittee will nominate a Chairperson who join together to form a Core group. The Core group members keep the school leadership team informed of ideas and initiatives via a monthly meeting.

What are PADGA’s goals?

Broadly, PADGA’s goals are twofold:

SOCIALLY - we aim to provide a forum for support, friendship, communication and discussion with each other and the school.

FINANCIALLY - we aim to raise funds to provide our children with ‘extras’.

What happens to the funds PADGAraise?

PADGAinvites the school and parents to nominate projects for PADGAsupport at the end of each school year. All funding goals are submitted to the school for approval, prior to consideration by the PADGACore Group.

Get involved

PADGAhas a core group of volunteers who meet regularly and provide the group’s leadership. The core group also runs the school’s second hand uniform and bookshop. Additional volunteers help with events and fundraisers as required. PADGAare always interested in hearing from parents willing to contribute to and support events across the school. 

Why join?

Participate in the community, have fun, feel the satisfaction of using your professional skills and the opportunity to get involved.


Monday: Core Group meetings, 7:45am - 9am