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Message from the Head of Primary School


Welcome to DGA Al Barsha Primary! I hope you find the information we have presented on our website to be helpful, informative and insightful. We are very proud of our new school and we look forward to seeing our students achieve amazing heights and reach their full potential.

Dubai is a vibrant and dynamic city where INNOVATION is the buzz word. It is a country where people from across the globe merge to form an INTERNATIONAL community - this is evident at DGA Al Barsha. A variety of cultures and nationalities allows our students to taste the rich diversity of our host country. It is also where they can be part of a community where they can have the opportunity to be OPEN MINDED, learn how to be truly TOLERANT of all and show EMPATHY towards each other.

At DGA Al Barsha, we recognise that expatriate children are often swept along with changes as families relocate, often to completely new and very different environments. As a new school, one thing we all have in common is that we are ALL new. We have created an atmosphere where all can feel 'at home' and know that they can approach any at DGA to ask for help, guidance or support. We are also sensitive to the needs of children newly arrived in Dubai and student led initiatives like friendship ambassadors and class buddies provide support for our new friends, especially those new to English, our language of instruction.

As a community of learners, we recognise that Primary education should address academic, personal, social, cultural and athletic development and through the PYP Learner Profile together with the UAE Moral Education programme, we strive to be successful in all of these areas. Our Co-Curricular Activities has a range of activities to ensure our students are Well Balanced, from our newly formed Choir to Cross Country, Swimming to Football, all intended to enrich the school programme and provide opportunities to extend participation in school life beyond the classroom.

Dubai Gulf Academy Al Barsha is part of the Innoventures Education group - the newest addition. I hope that, through this website, you will be able to get a taste of what Innoventures has to offer. Our school aims to be innovative by continuously reflecting on how we can do things better, how we can move to the next level on our learning journey and at the same time highlight that DGA Al Barsha is a school you can be proud to be a part of. This is a school where we encourage you to Dream…Inspire…Achieve! So enjoy all we have to offer here at DGA Al Barsha and let's have some 'fin' in the home of the SHARKS! 

Kind regards

Caldie Larry
Head of Primary